How it all began… First time I read AI in Nepal newsletter back in 1997 when I was working in Community Based Economic Development Project Baitadi. I left CBED project in 1999 and came Kathmandu for further study. In 2000, one of my friends got 20 days training assignment “Leadership Development and Management” for women leadership of Women Welfare Association Palpa. I was hired to conduct the training. Before leaving for Palpa, we discussed about the training modality and we discussed to apply 4 “D” cycle for leadership development and management and that was the first experience of AI. I felt so thrill and excited when I saw women’s responses about leadership and management. All total we conducted 19 series of training and I alone conducted 7 series. Most of the women were illiterate and couldn’t read and write. We felt their high points, wishes and dreams about the leadership. This approach had dug out ice-breaking facts of their past and dreams for future for the women welfare.

AI as management approach

After this training, I had opportunity to attend the talk program from Mr. Ravi Pradhan in 2001, where I got chance to understand some theoretical background of AI as well. In 2001, we established Capital College and Research Center in Kathmandu and we decided to introduce AI as the major management approach for the academic and administrative management of college. We organized series of trainings to Board members, teachers, staff and students. I got another important training from Dr. Malcom Odeal a senior AI practitioner.

AI in academic sphere

I started to apply AI in my works since 2001. I was working as board of directors and public relation manager of Capital College and Research Center and Principal in Students’ Educational Institute (SEI). I applied AI in academic planning, goal setting for students, motivation and public relation. I found the transformative results in my works. I got very inspiring results of my works. During the period, we had expanded SEI branches in four major cities Pokhara, Chitwan, Butwal and Birganj of the country. Capital College and Research Center was recognized as one of the best result achieving college of the country. In HSEB result CCRC students secured top 5 positions out of 10 and around 80% pass in overall result. This was the historic achievement in HSEB history in Nepal.

AI in my writing work

At the same time, I started to write and publish AI articles in Nepali and English National Daily. My writing helped me to understand AI in more details and realistically.

I deepen my understanding on AI

In 2005, I joined Imagine Nepal, an organization formed by AI practitioners in Nepal. Imagine Nepal organized an international summit in “Appreciative Inquiry for Peace and Development in Nepal” and this summit was facilitated by AI pioneer Professor Dr. David Coopperrider on 9-12 Sept. 2005 in Hotel Soaltee Kathmandu. After attending AI Summit with Prof. Cooperrider, I have done my master thesis on “Social Conflict Peace and Inclusion in Nepal, an Analysis with Reference to Appreciative Inquiry.” I have got very inspiring and encouraging compliment from my thesis supervisor Prof. Dr. Pradeep Khadak and External Examiner Prof. Dr. TN Jaiswal in viva exam. In 2006 spring, I got another opportunity to learn AI from Case Western Reserve University for 6 weeks long online course. After this course, I got another great opportunity to do AI certification in Case Western Reserve University, Wheatherhead School of Management, USA in 2007 and I completed certification course on 2007 August. Since then, I have joined Pragya Management Group, A leading AI practicing organization in Nepal where I learn application of AI in different sectors,  and have been working as AI consultant and I have facilitated more than 150 trainings/workshops and talk programs and seminar presentation in Nepal, India and China.


World Appreciative Inquiry Conference in Nepal

I was one of presenters along with Prof. David, Dr. Mac Odell, Dr. Ganapati Ojha and Dr. Lindsey Godwin in 2009 World AI Conference, “AI World University”. I was also presenter on “Appreciative Inquiry for Enabling Peace and Inclusive Community Development in Nepal” in same conference.

I continue my work– I was one of the co-presenters on “Strengths Based Approach in Evaluation” in Community of Evaluator 2010 in New Delhi along with Dr. Ganapati Ojha and “AI in Evaluation” in 2013 Kathmandu. I was also presenters in 8th Human Global Conference, organized by ICA in Nov. 2012 in Kathmandu where I have presented “Appreciative Inquiry for New Sense of Growing Leadership for 21st Century”. I was one of the core planning team members and conference coordinator of 2009 world AI conference in Nepal. This was another high point of my life as I have got opportunity to sit together with the Right Honorable President of Nepal Dr. Ram Baran Yadav and Prof. Dr. David in dais along with other VIP in inaugural ceremony. I have participated in that conference as panelist, facilitators and presenter. I have served as member of International Advisory Board for 5th World AI conference 2012 in Belgium. I have participated in that conference as a member of Nepali delegates. I have presented AI in many national international conferences. I have working as a General Secretary of Imagine Nepal ( since 2008, Consultant in Pragya Management Group since 2008 and founder chairperson of Eastern Research Institute of Positive Science ( I have conducted 2 series of Advanced Level of Appreciative Inquiry training and AI for Peace Building in Nepal in April 2013 and “AI for Positive Business and Social Change”  for Nepalese Business Leader in June 2013 as well.   I have conducted 4 days Appreciative Inquiry for Positive Transformation in Xian China.

AI Training in China!

I flew for Xian Chaina on 26th of May 2013. It was very electrifying time for me. I never been to China before however we are the closest neighbor. I had visited nearby Chinese boarder in 1991 but never entered to the People’s Republic of China. Mr. Ren and I had planned to conduct AI training in China around November 2012. Mr. Ren wanted to introduce AI in Xian however many people in China have been applying AI in training, Business, Education and development sectors as well.

When I conduct AI training, I felt a kind of magic and positive energy within me and I found great enthusiasm in participants. The AI content attracts to participants like as magnet and we lost inside the program hall. In Xian, we started program at 8 AM and keep working until 8.30 PM with full energy and enjoyment. Many participants of the training felt that this was the one of the high point of their life and this training has helped them to bring the positive transformation in their life, family and organization. Wow…