The massacres in Syria is condemnable. Deep condolence to all innocents who lost their life without cause and wish for the safe and fast recovery of all victims. May god Pashupathinath shower the powerful blesses to them. Any kind of dissatisfaction and aggression against government is very common. The responsibilities of the government are to take care of their citizens from all kinds of the insecurity and uncertainty. If the government become perpetuate and violet the basic human rights that is real tragedy.

If you believe to the god and kill the innocent lives including children, women and old people, your terrorism cannot be forgiven. No matter whether you are government (Terrorist) or so called revolutionists (Terrorists). The pain is the same whoever gives. Remember, even if you don’t kill, no one is going to live forever. Your killings to innocent lives in the name of God is teasing to your country, your religions and yours believe towards the god.   You can win the heart by love not by war.

The so called powerful country (In fact you are coward) and their citizen must ask your government and intellectuals. Do you know what is human rights? Do your universities know what the human rights is?  Shame to you blood shockers. Do you know the values of the lives in-front of god? Do you think the god is going to excuse you for this massacres?

Shame to your religions, which encourages the death. The real essence of religion is love not death. Try to understand and internalize the noble essence of your religion. Shame to the government and voters who love blood shockers. Now the international community, the UN need to take the urgent action to save the life of innocent people. At least UN must not act as puppet of so called (coward) powerful nations. Time to speak for the innocent Syrian.  SAVE SYRIA.


RC Lamichhane, Kathmandu

27 February 2018