A note for non-women.

Please don’t revere or deify us. We don’t want to live up to standards you’ve created from centuries of patriarchy.

Please don’t vilify or objectify us. We’ve put up with that too for the same number of centuries and we’re tired of it.

If you glance at us as we walk down the street or enter a room, we want you to see a person, not a collection of body parts – legs, breasts, waist, arms!

We want to dress and talk and behave the way we like to and you are at liberty to not like how we look, but not to judge us or attack us because you think we’re asking for it.

We can’t help it that nature made us the ones who nurture a new life within us for 9 months. It just is that way. Even if it is your baby, it is not your choice. Our body, our choice.

We want to pursue our passions and dreams and the work we enjoy, not what you think is appropriate. Please don’t decide for us.

We may or may not enjoy housework and raising children but if we’ve opted to live with you and that’s part of our life together, please know that it’s as much your job as ours.

Please don’t hold us to higher – or lower – standards than you hold yourself. We make mistakes and bad choices and do stupid things. Like you. We swear when we’re mad or sad or simply when we’re in the mood to. Like you. We get drunk. Like you. We’ll recover from our stupidities and mistakes. Like you do. If you can, be there for us at such times. Like we do. If you can, tell us at such times that we are capable of rising up again and you believe in us. Like we do to you. Because we can dream outrageous dreams and reach for those dreams. Like you. We can shine and lead and outdo ourselves. Like you. We can create history and elevate humankind to new levels. Like you.

We’re people. Like you.

Yes, we have an extra X chromosome. Yes, we’re different. Not better or worse different. Not stronger or weaker different. We’re equal different. Equally courageous and strong. Equally intelligent and capable. Equally able to take care of ourselves.

Perhaps it’s just that we find different things funny?

Celebrating differences, celebrating equality, celebrating mutual respect and yes, celebrating women!