The history of world radio day celebration was begun from 2011 when UNESCO’s 36 general assembly endorsed the day on 3rd November 2011. It is the same day that United Nations International broadcasting service was established on 1946. This day is celebrated to remember the unique services of radio to inform and empower people across the globe.

In Nepal, Association of Community Radio Broadcasters’ (ACORAB) has been leading the celebration program from the 1st year. It is one of the flagship program of ACORAB. ACORAB invites intellectuals from different sectors and organizes interaction on various aspects of radio services. As usual, the 7th World Radio Day was celebrated on 13th February 2018 at Hotel New Era, Butwal Sub Metro Municipality Rupandehi under the theme “Radio and Sports” with Peace and Development through sports coverage.

Mayor of Sub Metro municipality Mr. Shiva Raj Subedi inaugurated the world radio day by lighting the lamp among the participants, who representing community radios, commercial radios, print media, television, civil society, research and academic institutions. On that occasion, ACORAB launch a women empowerment campaign called Buhari Journalism. The Deputy Mayor of Tilottama Municipality Ms. Jageshwor Devi Chaudhary inaugurated the campaign by unveiling the logo and banner and 27 Buhari (House wives) joined her by lighting the candle. The main objective of the Buhari Journalism is to eliminate the all kinds of social discrimination through the media campaign. On that occasion, the contribution of radios on positive societal transformation were discussed and appreciated by the speakers. The speakers highlighted on the scope and importance of community radios on restructured context of country.

To increase the effectiveness of the community radios, a two days’ capacity development program for program producers was conducted. Various technical and social aspects of program productions were discussed. According to the program participants, this program has increased the production capacity and inspire them for the quality production of the radio contents to eliminate the harmful traditional practices that are prevailing in the society.

The two days’ orientation training was carried out for the trainees of Buhari Journalist. Total 27 Buharis (House wives) were represented 15 districts attended the journalism training for the first time. The goal of training was to increase the access of marginalized women in the media to raise the voice against social malpractices by creating a platform for them.

This training has opened the avenues to develop their link with community radios. Basic skills of reporting the issues to the radio stations were discussed and taught. In this training, A strong bond between Buhari and Community Radio was developed. According to the participants, the training has helped to increase their confidence to bring out the hidden issues of the society and report them in the community radios. They believe that this campaigns can shift their identity from Buhari to Journalist.