Everyone eagerly awaits, sponsored by the Sichuan Provincial Enterprise Federation, Chengdu Key Dialogue Management Consulting Co., Ltd., and organized by the Deyang Corporate Culture Research Association, the Sichuan Human Resources Club, and the Southwest MBA Elite Club’s “Appreciation of Inquiry to Reshape the Future” Public welfare classes took place at 9:20 on October 31, 2017 at the Meeting Room 301 of Sichuan Women’s Cadre School as scheduled. The temperature of the sudden drop in Chengdu did not reduce everyone’s enthusiasm for learning. The 120-person and 10-person group’s island-style classrooms were fully packed.

The AI (appreciation type inquiry) attracted friends from Beijing and Guiyang to participate in the event. Teacher Guigui Gui from Guiyang received an interview with a key dialogue volunteer: “Why is this class so attractive, and has Mr. Bai made a special journey from Guizhou to Futian to share a happy inquisition? What is he expecting to gain?” Professor Bai admitted that he was a corporate management worker, and the “appreciation” in the subject “appreciation inquiry” directly hits the hearts of people! Teacher Bai explained: “Appreciation is not equal to preaching, it is not equal to imposition, indoctrination, or brainwashing. This appreciative inquiry is widely used. What I am looking forward to is also hope that there will be some methods and tools that can be used to help life and the workplace.”

 9:20 am The director of the key dialogue, Zhang Yanli, as the organizer of the AI tour, introduced the Dr. RC from afar with simple words and expressed a warm welcome on behalf of the organizers and the co-organizers. Immediately afterwards, Teacher Zhang introduced the benefits of this course: AI Appreciative Inquiry is a management science and ideology that has been proved to be effective through long-term exploration, and hopes to bring it back to Sichuan and promote the efficient development of organizations in Sichuan. Growth indicates the direction of struggle. The key dialogue companies in Chengdu also hope to promote the development of individuals, enterprises, and the entire society through the virtuous circle of several dimensions, including co-creation, talent development, organizational development, and leadership development.

Ms. Zhang introduced the development and application of the team’s popular team to guide the development of the technology. For example, at the Dongfeng Nissan’s Guangzhou base, more than 20,000 people have more than 800 guides, and guiding this technique has become the enterprise. One of the day-to-day management tools became a natural management action for the company’s managers. Many managers may have such doubts. Is an outside monk really chanting? Will these Western management sciences and tools have problems with soil and water? Can you land on the ground? The further explanation of Teacher Zhang also dispelled everyone’s doubts: through our practice in local companies in Sichuan, it has proved that it can play a good role in promoting organizational development and personal development. Whether in foreign companies or domestic large and medium-sized enterprises, these new management ideas can make the organization develop better and employees can work more happily and find personal value.