I saw the big dilemma in policymakers, political leaders, intellectuals, and people about the country’s priority of Development. They want to focus on infrastructures and physical development. No matter which political party leads the government; despite of the political ideology, an immense budget has been allocated for the infrastructures and physical development. For the first five years plan to now, the country has been focusing on infrastructure development, but the result is reprehensible.  However, the social indicators are terribly low in this country. Unless the people’s belief system is replaced by scientific thinking instead of superstitions and a traditional belief system, the country cannot progress. The huge corruption, delays, discrimination, bad governance are the results of non- conspicuous traditional society. Nepal needs to be transformed from a traditional society to modern and scientific society. If the people of the country will become conscious and can understand the beauty of the 21st century’s human values and dignity, physical development will go at the speed of electricity. So, the focus must be given to social development rather than physical development. According to CIN there is NRs.32,00,00,000/- every day on road construction. Had there been scientific consciousness on local people the corruption would have gone zero and environmental sustainability would have been taken place in all development activities.

RC Lamichhane,

19th August, 2018