In 2012 I had an opportunity to conduct the life skill training to HIV infected 25 women of remote village of western Nepal. At the beginning of the training, I asked about their expectation and how are they feeling about their life. 

They shared all the pains and frustrations. I too felt their pains and frustrations. They were having HIV without their faults.Their husbands used to work in India and brought HIV from the prostitutions. I was silent and thinking how can I create hope for remaining of their life. If I asked them to share their positive cores they may not feel good. They might have thought that I am teasing them. It was very critical situation. I planned to apply 4 “D” cycle and some AI principles and made plan on my mind. I took them back to their childhood and facilitated to discuss how was the life on that time. I asked everyone to share their experiences. They shared both pains and pleasures of their childhood, teenage and family life. They shared different feelings of their life. When they shared their feelings, I asked how many times they coped with the difficulties? They answered, many times. I asked, who helped them to come up with the problems? They said themselves. They shared all the stories how they created new opportunities to solved their problems. It was great discovery to create new hopes. I saw some smiles and happiness in their life. I asked how does the life look like by next 5 years if they can find new opportunities to cope with their problems? In a way I was asking them to dream the life for next 5 years. They have gone through 5 minutes guided meditation. After that I asked them to share their dream. They come with very creative and innovative ideas. Almost all participants shared new ideas. When they all shared their future ideas, everyone in the hall was enjoying with the new ideas. Everyone was learning with the others’ ideas. Wow. New realities for the life was emerging. Now my task was to develop new strategy for sustaining these all ideas. I again asked them how this idea can sustain and apply in their life? They found the roles and responsibilities of each family members, relatives, service providers and government authorities. This was great. At the end, I asked them what major activities they will do to make it all happen from today onwards. They prepared the list of the activities and shared. Before closing the program, we acknowledged each other. Finally, I ask how did they feel in the program? When they shared their reflection, I cannot stop my tears. One of the lady around 35 years said every morning she wished for death rather living such painful life but after this training she will wish for the life. According to her, this training has given extraordinary power to live new life.